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It’s taken us a while, but we’ve finally tracked down MILLIE, the star of Love Island and one of Big Town’s hottest names

Thanks for agreeing to this interview. It’s great to meet one of the stars of Love Island.

“It’s my pleasure. Purrrrr. The important thing for me is to give my fans what they want. I’m so incredibly popular and my fans want to know as much as possible about me, so I feel that it’s my duty to talk to the press.”

So why have you been avoiding speaking to the press since Love Island finished?

“I haven’t been avoiding anyone. What a silly question. I’ve just been busy. I’m so incredibly popular…”

But you didn’t actually win Love Island , did you Millie?


You didn’t make it through to the final, did you?


And you didn’t actually appear in the television programme, did you?

“Well, er, no.”

Isn’t it the case that you got stuck on that heap of mud in the middle of the Big Town pond for a couple of nights, sharing the space with about 100 ducks, but you told everyone you were on Love Island  to cover up your embarrassment?

“Well, er, goodness, will you look at the time. Purrrrr. I have to rush off to an autograph signing session at the gasworks now. I mustn’t keep my fans waiting. I’m so incredibly popular…”

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