Yes, you read that right. A magazine for cats, not people. It’s also written and produced by cats. Yes, you read that right too. For cats. By cats. Because cats. Miiiaaaooow!!

So what’s inside Purrs? Everything that every cat wants to know, that’s what. The 100-page magazine is stuffed with exciting articles about catnip, tuna, squeaky toys, scratching posts, bins, cardboard boxes, sleeping, and tons more. We have a fascinating guide to the best places to hide and expert grooming advice (what is the ideal position for getting round the back?), as well as top tips for annoying dogs and avoiding taking medicine. Our cover star is Dixie, winner of this year’s Furball Championships, and we have a special report on the big fight between Fred and Tiggy that took place in the hallway of Tiggy’s house last Thursday. We’ve even got an exclusive picture of that. Amazeballs!

Check out some of the pages from the magazine below. . .

Approved by cats

So how can we be so certain that Purrs is what every cat needs and wants? Because we’ve held a focus group, that’s why. We wanted to make sure that this magazine really was for every Tom, Dick and Harry. So we showed it to Tom and his friends Dick and Harry, the three scruffy moggies that hang about by the bins down the alley next to the petrol station, and they said it was brilliant. “This is brilliant,” said Tom. “I like this, I think it’s brilliant,” added Dick. “Yeah, absolutely brilliant,” agreed Harry.

Something for your human

For reasons known only to themselves, humans don’t like catnip. And they only like squeaky toys when they are small. They do, however, like T-shirts. In fact, they LOOOOOOVE T-shirts, especially when they are awesome, like ours are. So please make sure your human buys one, then they can show the entire world that they are down with us kitties. In fact, to prove that they really love you, they’ll probably want to buy both of our T-shirts, so they can wear the second one when the first is in the wash.