Purrs Print Magazine

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100 pages of full-colour kitty capers featuring all the latest news, views and gossip from around town. It even comes with a lovely soft-touch cover, which is perfect for sitting on.



What will you find inside Purrs? Everything that every cat wants to know, that’s what. The magazine is packed with thrilling articles about tuna (natch), catnip, squeaky toys, scratching posts, dustbins, cardboard boxes and tons more. We have a fascinating guide to the best places to hide and an investigation into whether 18 hours sleep a day is really enough, as well as top tips for annoying dogs and avoiding taking medicine. Our cover star is Dixie, winner of this year’s Furball Championships, and we have a special report on the big fight between Fred and Tiggy that took place in the hallway of Tiggy’s house last Thursday. We’ve even got an exclusive picture of that. Amazeballs!

2 reviews for Purrs Print Magazine

  1. Jinxy

    My human chef laughed a lot when they read this. So I destroyed it. I did like the bits about goldfish though…

  2. Derek

    Not enough articles about furballs. Other than that, very good for sitting on instead of going in that really expensive cat basket my human bought.

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